Soup Is Good Year-Round

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Benefits of Eating Soup

Even the In Summer

Soup Cumberland County

When most of us think of soup we don’t think of the hot summer months as a time put soup at the top of the list as a meal. Why would I want to eat soup year-round, even in the summer? Soup as many benefits even in summer months when life is busy and you need a quick meal that feeds your body.

Soup Is Yummy & So Much More

Soup Lemoyne

Why would you want to make soup part of your meals on a regular basis or the meal itself? I can think of many reasons why soup is good to eat and great for your body. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

Soups Cumberland County

Soup Benefits:

  • Soup is easy to digest and good for digestive healing because many soups have a base of chicken or beef bone broth that heals the digestive track. Even if you use a quick soup, like our slow-cooker soups you can add beef or chicken bone broth to them and increase the digestive healing properties of the soup. Bone broth, whether chicken or beef is so easy to make and freeze to add to any soup when you want to add a little added nutrition and healing properties.
  • Soup is an affordable meal because it stretches a little meat a long way. Soup is also my go-to meal for large groups or my family because I can make up a large batch, freeze part and have plenty to feed everyone a hearty meal for a very affordable price.

Soup Lemoyne

  • Soup is easy to make! It’s amazing how combining a few ingredients and simmering or slow cooking in a crock pot for hours can make one of your yummiest meals. Soup is a complete one pot meal with not much effort and minimal clean-up. Chop up your ingredients and toss them into a pot or slow cooker and let it simmer away and fill your house with wonderful aromas. When it comes to after meal clean-up you have one pot in the sink after an incredible meal.
  • Soup is good for large batch cooking and freezing. One of my favorite parts about making soup is after you create your soup, eat what you want that evening or afternoon and then freeze the rest in portion sizes that work for your family. Gourmet soup on demand from your freezer, it doesn’t get easier or better than that!

Soup Cumberland County

Versatility of Soup Year-Round

The beauty of soup is that it’s great even in the summer! Chilled soups are great, such as gazpacho and chilled fruit soups, but nearly any soup even the most spicy are great summer meal fare.

  • Soup can keep you cool. Many people in many cultures believe ingesting warm or spicy foods on hot days actually helps cool you down by activating your sweat glands and benefiting from the evaporative properties of sweat.
  • Soup is a quick and easy meal any time of year, but especially when the days turn warm and longer and activities stretch into the evening, soup is a great quick meal; tasty, nutritious, and so many different types to tempt your taste buds!

Soup Lemoyne

  • Soup is so packable! Soup is the perfect take to work lunch, take on a picnic meal because it’s so packable. From mason jars to insulated thermoses with wide mouths that keep your soup hot for hours, soup is so portable and an easy meal!
  • Soup is great for picky vegetable eaters!  Soup has always been a great way to sneak in great nutrition into yours or your families meals. Also for those pick eaters who have a distaste for vegetables, soup is the ultimate great disguise to get those picky eaters eating their veggies!

Soup Lemoyne

  • Soup is great when you are sick. First it’s an easy meal, easy to digest, and chicken soup isn’t just a myth, it’s the bone broth that helps bolster your immune system and fight off the cold or virus you have.
  • Soup tastes great! There is nothing like soup to tantalize your taste buds. Whether creating a soup from scratch or popping one of our slow-cooker soups into a crock pot before leaving for work, soup is a filling and tasty meal any time of year.

At Tastealotta we have a wide variety of soups to choose from, to encourage your creativity in your kitchen and promote good health. Be sure to come into our store in Lemoyne, PA or visit our online store to view our wonderful selection of soups that are great year-round.