Bringing you the finest products sourced from around the world; from our store to your kitchen.

Below you will find an amazing selection of products that we carry in our store in Lemoyne, PA., from olive oil to vinegar, from pastas to soups, from seasoned salts to pepper rubs and of course our incredible olives! Not all products that we feature in our store are available in our online store at this time. We will be adding new items to the online store over this year. So keep checking back and look at our individual product pages to find what is currently offered online.

The Finest Olive Oil

Buying olive oil is similar to buying fine wine. The soil, temperatures, origin of the olive tree, picking time, and crush method all go into the choosing the olive oil that best suits your purpose and personal taste. From extra virgin olive oil to complex infused olive oils, we have them all. Come in and taste, enjoy and choose!

Fine Aged Vinegars

We carry finely aged vinegars, infused with aromatic herbs and spices for your cooking and eating pleasure. These tempting and mouth watering vinegars will take your cooking from great to spectacular. Come taste our vinegars at Tastelotta and be inspired to take your cooking to the next level.

Delicious Pastas

We have pasta to temp your taste buds and inspire your next great pasta dish. All of ourl natural, handmade pasta tastes like no other. We have a great variety of handmade pasta at Tastealotta for you to choose from; from fettuccine to linguini, from penne pasta to pappardelle, you'll find your new favorite pasta at Tastealotta.

Heart-Warming Soups

Come home after a long day's work to our amazing slow cooker soups. We carry a full line of slow cooker soups at Tastealotta, many are gluten free and all offer full bodied home-cooked flavor. We have a soup that is sure to become your favorite. Some come taste, cook and enjoy!

Hand-Crafted Seasoned Salt

We carry gourmet salt from around the world, from the famed salt pounds in France to salt found high in the Himalayas, we bring you the most precious and finest salts available. We expertly craft our salts for just the most stunning combination of flavors so they will enhance any recipe you prepare.

Delectable Rubs

Tastealotta's rubs are the best; a great way to take your next barbecue from good to great. Our rubs can be used for barbecue, roasting, rotisserie, saute, and so much more. Your imagination is your only limit to all the creative uses for what our amazing rubs can do for your next meal.

Tantalizing Olives

Of course we have olives at Tastealotta! Come taste, enjoy and take some home. We buy only the finest aged olives. Since we have a wonderful variety of olive oils to choose from, we had to have olives. Come in and find your favorite; stuffed olives, pitted olives, Spanish olives and so much more.