Read some of our great Tastealotta reviews and see why people come to Lemoyne for the best olive oils and vinegars and more. Come taste, enjoy, and take your cooking to the next level!

  • Lisa Adams
    absolutely love this store! So many wonderful products to not only taste sample but to purchase. I have purchased several different varieties of oils, vinegars, rubs, pasta, soups, etc. I even purchased a beautiful cutting board for my new kitchen. Perfect store for cooks and to find great gifts. The staff has always been knowledgeable and super helpful!
    Lisa Adams
  • Johanna Leuer
    Everyone very friendly and helpful. Oils and vinegar delicious.
    Johanna Leuer
  • Cristine Solliday
    Great place! Staff is very helpful. It's great to be able to taste before you purchase! I will be back!
    Cristine Solliday
  • Denise Mont
    Great service. Can't wait to go back.
    Denise Mont
  • Rocky Allinger
    Fun little spot for specialty olive oils, vinegars, sauces, etc. The staff were very friendly and helpful. There is a tasting area and there was even a few musicians performing when I went (that might have been a special occasion thing though). I'd definitely go again.
    Rocky Allinger
  • Nathan Brubaker
    I loved my 20 minutes in this store. Lots of things to test and try. If you are not sure what to try, just ask. Friendly, helpful, and kind staff. 5 stars!
    Nathan Brubaker
  • Steiner Houck
    I love shopping here!!! Cathie and her staff are so friendly and helpful! You can always sample the oil & vinegar selections and they often share great cooking suggestions with you as well.Their Pastas & Crock Pot Soups are Fabulous! I would highly recommend Tastealotta for a unique shopping experience!
    Steiner Houck
  • Niki Lehman
    We've been buying our olive oil and vinaigrette here for several years. They have high quality products and are extremely helpful. We highly recommend this place!
    Niki Lehman
  • Sarah Myers
    Found this place accidentally but what a great little find. When you go in the place is clean, well kept and organized. We were greeted right away by a friendly guy who was extremely knowledgeable. He showed us around the shop and helped us taste various vinegars and olive oils. I loved this place because they encouraged you to try things. I've always been skeptical of buying things I can't taste first. We ended up with three nice bottles, including a beautiful balsamic that my husband has been loving on his caprese salads and a rosemary infused olive oil as a birthday present for our friend who loved it. We'll be back for salts and more vinegar.
    Sarah Myers
  • Kyle Marshall
    Friendly staff and huge selection of balsamic vinegars and olive oils. You can try them all and appreciate the differences. I recommend the lemon infused white balsamic vinegar; it can be used to make a nice cocktail.
    Kyle Marshall
  • William DiStefano
    Awesome selection of oils and balsamic vinegar.
    William DiStefano
  • Kat S.

    Polished & Upscale Shop

    This is an unusual business for the area. If you love to experiment with gourmet ingredients, this may be a good option for you.  Visually this place is polished and upscale for a shop on the small side. The shelves are lined with row after row of gleaming silver taps and neatly arranged bottles.
    I was the only customer during my visit, and the gentleman on staff offered at least twice if he could help me while I browsed. Tastings require assistance and when I asked to try some garlic olive oil, the staff member was knowledge and had suggestions on uses. The main offerings I tried were flavored balsamic and olive oils.  There were gourmet salts, pastas, soup kits and wine vinegars as well.
    Each oil and vinegar had a description and tasting notes on the attached wine. I have seen other gourmet shops with similar setups, but it came across to me as pretentious. All items were 25% off the day I shopped, and my total for 1 bottle of balsamic and one of oil was less than $25.
    I look forward to serving the oil as a dipping oil on New Years. I may not be interested in traveling across the river for these specific ingredients for myself, but this would be a nice place for housewarming gifts.
    Kat S.
  • Richard D.

    World Class Olive Oils

    A wonderful selection of WORLD CLASS Olive Oils, Vinegars, salts and things. Most people think they have tasted good olive oils and vinegars, but they will allow you to taste several and the subtle or sometimes dynamic differences will change the way most people will view these must have culinary stars.
    Richard D.
  • Mindy H.

    Best Customer Service

    I have been to a lot of oil and vinegar stores, and enjoy most of them. But by far, Tastelotta is the best in the customer service area. They suggest combinations that are out of this world fantastic and make the shopping experience enjoyable!
    Mindy H.