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Summer Foods to

Pair with Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar

Ice cream and balsamic vinegar go so well together. Think that sweet and tart combination that brings out the flavors of both the ice cream and any topper. If you want to put some time into it, try mixing balsamic vinegar and sugar together in a pan as a reduction sauce that is one of the sweetest glazes you’ll create on a scoop of ice cream.

Try one of Tastealotta’s flavored vinegars on ice cream, in an ice cream recipe, yes you heard right, or by whipping up a reduction sauce that we already have infused with fruit flavors–a special type of yummy paired with ice cream or an ice cram with fruit toppings.

Peaches & Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar

Stone fruit, which peaches are part of that family, go wonderful with balsamic vinegar. Either pair your peaches in a salad or with ice cream and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. An incredible tasty treat is barbecuing peaches drizzled with balsamic vinegar–you can’t believe how these taste–absolutely incredible!

Fabulous Time of Year for Strawberries

Balsamic Vinegar

Think balsamic vinegar and strawberries! The perfect blend of sweet and tart that enhances the sweet of strawberries perfectly! The amazing flavor of balsamic vinegar seem to refine the flavor of strawberries to make them a standout dessert. The one ingredient addition that takes a standard strawberry from good to great.

One of our favorite easy dessert recipes is a small bowl of balsamic vinegar, yogurt, and brown sugar. Dip your strawberry in the balsamic vinegar, dip in yogurt and dust with brown sugar for an amazing dessert that makes you look like a star with very little effort on your part for a great finish to a summer meal.

Balsamic Vinegar, Figs & Cheese

Balsamic Vinegar

There is nothing better than balsamic vinegar drizzled over cheese; the usual is mozzarella, but think outside of the box to blue cheese or gorgonzola and you have a real taste treat combination.

Add figs to the mix for a sophisticated take on an old standard of balsamic vinegar with cheese. The figs give just that sudden bit of sweetness to the mix of creamy and tart from the balsamic vinegar for a winning combination!

Balsamic Vinegar Makes Great Popsicles

Balsamic Vinegar

Popsicles and balsamic vinegar? You have to be kidding! No, we aren’t. Think watermelon , lemon, strawberry, raspberry or peach popsicles! Add just a little balsamic vinegar or flavored balsamic vinegar to the mix for an interesting twist on an old standard of home made popsicles. Its that tart zing thing taken frozen that is so thirst quenching!

Italian Soda with Balsamic VinegarBalsamic Vinegar

Think a refreshing summer drink! Plain Italian soda paired with your favorite fruit and splash of balsamic vinegar or flavored balsamic vinegar makes for a very refreshing summer drink. Think of sangria without the alcohol. If the mix is a little tart, just swirl in a tablespoon of maple syrup for each splash of balsamic vinegar added and you have a sublime mix of tart and sweet on a summer day!

At Tastealotta we have a wide variety of balsamic vinegars to choose from, to encourage your creativity in your kitchen and to serve some great thirst quenching summer treats. Be sure to come into our store in Lemoyne, PA or visit our online store to view our wonderful selection of balsamic vinegars and speciality vinegars that we feature year-round.